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A few words about us

The company Decoratieve panelen CNC uses an innovative technology of metal processing on computer-controlled numerical machines (CNC) to perform designer projects. They are made of steel and aluminum sheets of various dimensions, in which beautiful patterns are cut in many different motifs.

Such decorative openwork panels are perfect for the production of railings, as well as fences, including wickets and gates. The designers from Rogoźnica did not stop there, however. They also offer unique garden accessories, which we will talk about later in the article.

What is worth knowing

Designer garden accessories

The DECORATIVE PANELEN CNC studio can boast of a wide catalog of exceptionally designer garden accessories that fit buildings and gardens in all possible styles. Regardless of the purpose, form and aesthetics, they are united by the fact that they are made of high-quality aluminum or steel sheets, including Corten steel of extraordinary strength. The finishing of metals, which have different textures and are covered with many different color coatings according to the RAL palette, can also be optional. Modern technology and the talent of the CNC OZODBNE PANEL employees allow it to present an extraordinary collection today.

Decoratieve Panelen CNC

Fertige durchbrochene Spannweiten

The Decorative Panels CNC workshop supports the customer at every stage of the design process and in the end offers him a product that 100% meets all expectations. To facilitate this, the company provides dozens of ready-made patterns for openwork spans that can be used or modified. Among the available collections there are those with forest and animal motifs, from a herd of deer to a pack of wolves resting in a clearing, to modern motifs with floral and plant motifs, to simple motifs based on geometric shapes and crossing lines based.

Anyone who loves modern and avant-garde art should also be interested in 3D motifs for openwork spans. They cannot be overlooked by any passer-by and underline the unique character of modern houses and office buildings.

Garden accessories according to the customer's design

Apart from the catalog products, the company CNC DESIGN PANELS is open to creating small garden architecture according to customer requirements. Often this form of cooperation is chosen by the owners of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, fashionable bars, Mediterranean villas for rent, as well as modern houses.

"Designing garden accessories together with the client is a journey during which we discover his tastes. We try to ensure that the planned product made of openwork sheet meets all expectations. That is why we create faithful digital visualizations before production, which are always consistent with the customer's concepts. Large-format pot with a pattern. depicting a forest, or maybe an illuminated panel in a floral motif? We can only be limited by our imagination. "
Decoratieve Panelen CNC

5 reasons why you should choose us

Full technical advice, delivery and installation of the ordered garden ornaments.

Attractive price and numerous discounts larger orders.

The guarantee of the highest quality and maintenance instructions for steel or aluminum ornaments.

Short waiting time for the execution of the order and constant contact with the studio.

Possibility of ordering and designing garden accessories in remote cooperation.

Decoratieve Panelen CNC

To nie wszystko!

Dodać warto, że zespół DECORATIVE PANELEN CNC gotowy jest na wykonywanie nawet najbardziej niestandardowych pomysłów klientów. Śmiało, skontaktuj się z Nami i powiedz czego potrzebujesz.