Swing gates

We have a wide selection of swing gates, check our catalog or see the patterns we have prepared for you!

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Adjustable hinges

All hinges attached to gates and wickets can be adjusted by 50-70 mm. In addition, like the other components, they are powder-coated.

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Adjusting the gate closure

Handle with lock, locking bar or maybe an automatic drive?
We create gates with any type of lock!.

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In addition, we can create posts dedicated to the gate. The posts are painted in the same color as the gate. They have an extra foot, the pole needs to be screwed into the ground or they are long enough to be buried in the ground

Panels welded into the frame

The panels are welded into the center of the frame. The elements are painted after the panels are welded together so as not to damage the structure. Any gate with an irregular top can be made rectangular.

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Panels screwed to the frame

The gate is screwed to the finished frame. The panels can be unscrewed. The frame and panels are painted separately so that the paint will enter every corner. A technique used for patterns with an irregular top.

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We design the reinforcement profiles for the automatic drive so that they do not obscure the pattern!

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Decoratieve Panelen CNC

Choose wickets for the set

We also offer a wide range of wickets for gates. Check our offer!