We have a wide selection of complete gates and door handles, check our catalog or see the patterns we have prepared for you!


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Adjustable hinges

All hinges attached to gates and wickets can be adjusted by 50-70 mm. In addition, like the other components, they are powder-coated.

Many types of locks

We have ordinary mechanical locks, electromagnetic locks and modern combination locks connected to the phone.

Attention, electric locks require electrical installation in the fence post!

hinge covers

The covers are painted in the same color as the doors.

They have cutouts for hinges and mounting holes. Thanks to the hinge cover, the hinges are not visible and there is no play.

We have a large selection door handles​

The handles are equipped with a cylinder as standard, but it is possible to install a lock with a 12V electromagnet.

Complete wickets

Ready to assemble with unique patterns, created with the highest accuracy. They have handles and hinges, we can change the patterns of the gates by changing the design or adding a house number or street name. Each pattern can be converted into a rectangular one and one with an irregular top. It is possible to fit the wicket to the gate.

Decoratieve Panelen CNC

Choose the gates to the set

We also offer a wide range of swing gates. Check our offer!